Taste and Flavour is a UK based network of speakers, including writers, columnists, broadcasters and distillers, established in 1999 as an independent source of informed entertainment and knowledge about spirits.

Taste and Flavour speakers are all passionate about spirits. Keen to encourage more to appreciate spirits, like wines, as products of nature rather than the creation of marketeers. Equipped to encourage the responsible enjoyment of spirits that for many remain cloaked in mystery through greater knowledge of how they’re made and why they taste the way they do.

Taste and Flavour is the accredited provider of the WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits (one day) and WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits (three days), the only qualifications in spirits, recognized by the UK government’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and, around the world, as unrivalled, independent qualifications.

These qualifications aim to prepare a person for entry into the spirit industry, to equip a person in their early career, to fill the knowledge gaps of experienced operators or to appeal to anyone having a serious interest in spirits and wishing to broaden their knowledge and appreciation for spirits. Their aim is to provide a basic but broad introduction to spirits, including how to taste spirits in a structured way and using a representative selection of spirits.

Taste and Flavour delivers masterclasses and/or single event tutored tastings to all who want to learn more about spirits and to turn their spirit drinks into memorable drinking experiences, be it enthusiastic amateurs wanting to improve their drink selections, or professionals, looking to add passion and product knowledge to their service or brand owners keen to enrich their brand values with product realities and to extend and enrich their relationships with employees and clients.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the professional spirits course. All of the speakers were top class and I had a fantastic time and came away really having benefited from my participation.

Rob Poulter, Bar Manager, Raoul’s Bar, Oxford

‘Thanks again for everything. Probably the best investment I have ever made’.

Zoltan Nagy

Thank you for the brilliant course we all attended a few weeks ago. It’s so important to have a breadth of knowledge in this industry and importantly, to know how your own products differ from competitors.

Jun Hirst William Grant & Sons

WOW ! You provided well respected industry heavy weights, each contributing unique perspectives on their subjects. Your devotion to spirits education really had me believe you whole heartedly wanted each and every student to pass the exam with distinction. I loved it!”

Patsy Christie Mixxit

Taste and Flavour’s presentation of the WSET Professional Certificate in Spirits is truly inspirational. They convert the dry facts into a passionate, fun and knowledgeable subject”. Nick Rodgers, Spirits Manager, Bibendum

Nick Rodgers

‘Well done on your great job. You are a fantastic ambassador for spirits. I hope the big brand owners realize it.’.

Gerard Basset MW and Co-founder of Hotel du Vin