Taste and Flavour is a UK based network of world renowned speakers, including writers, columnists, broadcasters and distillers, all keen to share their unrivalled knowledge with those who care to listen through their unique and independent style of informed entertainment.

Dave Broom

Dave Broom is a Glasgow-born drinks journalist specialising in spirits. Contributing editor to Whisky Magazine and Wine International as well as a regular on many other titles he has over 20 years experience in the drinks trade but still finds something new in every glass he sticks under his nose. With eight books under his belt ranging from whisky to rum to drink in general he’s come to the very simple realisation that the starting point for understanding any spirit is an understanding and appreciation of its flavour.

Tomas Estes

Tomas Estes has sold more than 6 million Margaritas since opening his first Café Pacifico restaurant in 1976. He has pioneered Tequila in Europe, providing audiences with unique insights into the myths and legends that surround Tequila and, in recognition of his contributions to tequila, the Mexican National Tequila Chamber have appointed Tomas as their Ambassador to the European Union. Taste the legendary spirit of Mexico with him and you will unravel its mystique, to discover just how versatile Tequilas can be, whether savoured neat as digestifs, taken straight as aperitifs or enjoyed long and mixed, as fun drinks.


Desmond Payne

Desmond Payne has been distilling Gin for more than thirty years, first with the Seagers Company in London and then with Plymouth Gin, before joining Beefeater Gin where he remains Master Distiller and Brand Ambassador. To experience Desmond’s tutored tastings is to appreciate Gin’s significant contribution to social history and to discover how and why today’s Gins, most certainly, do not all taste the same.

Ian Burrell

Ian Burrell Known as The Global Rum Ambassador, Ian travels to the four corners of the earth promoting the gospel according to rum and the rum category. His edu-taining approach to rum seminars, demonstrations and presentations make him one of the most sort-after speakers within the spirits industry and his creation and development of Rum Fest has inspired much of the momentum rum now enjoys..

Ian Wisniewski

Ian Wisniewski was brought up on a staple diet of vodka and he’s since become fascinated by all spirits. Knowledge gained has led to many articles and seven books on spirits, including Classic Vodka a journey through the rich culture and history of this spirit, Classic Malt Whisky, Classic Tequila, and Party Cocktails. Ian encourages his audience to appreciate drinks for their heritage and for the national and social context in which they’re enjoyed here and in their countries of origin.

Nicholas Faith

Nicholas Faith is one of the best-known financial journalists but, in the past twenty years, he has acquired a considerable reputation as an authority on wine and spirits, particularly in their social and economic context. His books include Classic Brandy and the prize-winning Cognac, recognised as the standard work on the subject. Nicholas was also the founder-chairman of the increasingly successfull International Spirits Challenge.


Giuseppe Gallo

Giuseppe Gallo, one of the world’s most respected mixologists is known around the  world as an authority on vermouth. Born on the Amalfi coast, his passion for vermouth stems from his strong Italian heritage and during his time at at MARTINI, Giuseppe helped to grow and shape the vermouth category as it today. His introduction to vermouth, its fascinating background and reasons for the many different styles combine with his knowledge of how and why they taste the way they do and how best to serve them to provide a truly entertaining understanding of one of today’s major players on the back bar.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the professional spirits course. All of the speakers were top class and I had a fantastic time and came away really having benefited from my participation.

Rob Poulter, Bar Manager, Raoul’s Bar, Oxford

‘Thanks again for everything. Probably the best investment I have ever made’.

Zoltan Nagy

Thank you for the brilliant course we all attended a few weeks ago. It’s so important to have a breadth of knowledge in this industry and importantly, to know how your own products differ from competitors.

Jun Hirst William Grant & Sons

WOW ! You provided well respected industry heavy weights, each contributing unique perspectives on their subjects. Your devotion to spirits education really had me believe you whole heartedly wanted each and every student to pass the exam with distinction. I loved it!”

Patsy Christie Mixxit

Taste and Flavour’s presentation of the WSET Professional Certificate in Spirits is truly inspirational. They convert the dry facts into a passionate, fun and knowledgeable subject”. Nick Rodgers, Spirits Manager, Bibendum

Nick Rodgers

‘Well done on your great job. You are a fantastic ambassador for spirits. I hope the big brand owners realize it.’.

Gerard Basset MW and Co-founder of Hotel du Vin